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Ligue Internationale Des Societes De Surveillance Tribute Presentation

JPS was the Chairman and President of the Ligue Internationale Des Societes De Surveillance for over 40 years, following in the footsteps of his Father who was a founder member.

This presentation was presented at the Ligue's last General Assembly in 2010.

The Ligue meets every two years in a different location and the 2010 General Assembly was held in Instanbul. It was felt befitting that a tribute be paid to JPS and this was organised by David I Hudson, a board member and who was someone who was closely associated with JPS for 45 years.

The tribute took place as the end of the meeting with the Chairman of the Ligue Mr. Nick Buckles saying some very nice words, followed by a rather moving and touching story of JPS's time with the Ligue by the Secretary General, Mr Hans Winzenried.



Jorgen Philip-Sorensen: 'Building the Future' Award winner for 2010

Brian Sims reports from the BSIA’s 2010 Annual Luncheon

It was agreed with the majority of the previous recipients to posthumously make this award to ‘JPS’ because, in reality, this finest of men was the architect of the modern security industry.

In truth, his contribution to the development of his own employees as well as that of industry standards entirely changed the landscape of the UK security sector much for the better.

Left to right: Brian Sims and Bobby Logue with JPS' daughter Louisa Mann and son Mark.


Personal Tribute by Professor Roger Williams, CBE

Tribute by Professor Roger Williams, CBE, Director Director of the Institute of Hepatology, and supported of 'The Foundation for Liver Research', established in 1974 to develop and extend research into diseases of the human liver and to enhance medical research generally.


As Philip’s doctor for some twelve years – and of his medical problems I will say no more, except to indicate that his only complaints to me, particualrly during the past year, were to the effect that he was no longer able to do all he wanted to do! 

We shared a great love of the sea and of sailing and consultations often turned quite quickly to our most recent experiences.  Early on in our friendship I remember particularly one tremendously fun evening that we had when going out to The Needles to welcome Mike Golding back after his first Round-the-World race sponsored by JPS.  We also had happy times together during Cowes Week.

But it is of his work as Trustee of the Foundation for Liver Research that I particularly want to write about and pay tribute to.  Philip took a serious and professional interest in not only the workings of the Foundation but also in what was being attempted in various projects directed to the better understanding of liver disease and its treatment.

I know that I can speak on behalf of the Chairman and other Trustees in saying how much his advice  and opinion were welcome.  He rarely missed a meeting despite the hectic business and travel schedule that he lived and I could always rely on him for wise advice in between the regular Trustee meetings.  His most generous donations over many years also made possible important research project and many patients wil be indebted to him as a result.

Philip, for me, was larger than life in so many respects and each of us who filled Worcester Cathedral for that most marvellous memorial service last Friday will have special memories of him and reasons for gratitude to his entrepreneurial skills and extraordinary hard work over the years. 

He will be greatly missed.


The Times Obituary

On the 19th February, The Times newspaper published an obituary titled...

'Jørgen Philip-Sørensen: security expert'

'Cosmopolitan entrepreneur who set up Group 4 and made it the world’s largest private security firm.'

 Click here to read the obituary online.

Click here to read scanned version.


My Contract With The Chairman

This contract was created and distributed to the senior management e of Group 4 Securitas many years ago. May be can still use and learn from them today.

  • To be a cash generator in line with agreed targets rather than a cash consumer. 
  • To make an acceptable profit in line with agreed targets.
  • To ensure that the contents of our service package responds to the needs of our customers.
  • To ensure that our staff understands what the service package contains and how each individual is part of the overall service package our customers pay for.
  • To create a service delivery system which guarantees our customers the service for which they are paying.
  • To define, maintain and develop our service quality levels.
  • To create a team spirit which expresses the Group’s business culture.
  • To be a cash generator.




Jørgen Philip-Sørensen - G4S Retirement Video

Jørgen Philip-Sørensen retired as Chairman of G4S plc in 2006 after 50 year service to the company he founded. This compilation video was made at the time.  More retirement vidoe tributes will follow in due course.    


Tribute from Peter Green

Peter Green - Retired Ex Head of Human Resources, Group 4 Securitas (International)

Like thousands of others, we heard with shock and great sadness of Philip's death. Our thoughts and sympathy are with Ingrid, Susse, the children and grandchildren and close family friends.

Early in the history of Group 4 in the UK, Philip taught me the full importance in our business of the guard, their families and their supervisors, their need for support and their need for training. How can you expect a quality job to be done by someone who has not been properly trained?

This philosophy was the basis for the great expansion which was to follow and he continued to show this regard for the troups on the ground by the early introduction of a most generous pension scheme for guards, staff and management alike. His work rate was legendary.

Nothing delighted him more than a new marketing opportunity. The opening up of Eastern Europe allowed him to formulate many joint ventures, giving many of us new challenges, excitement and great job satisfaction. It gave a new meaning to the expression, "multi-national". Thereafter, the Group's development continued in the Americas, Asia and the Middle East, until few places remained where he was not represented.

As a leader he preferred making allowances, if this were possible, rather than judging and condemning. Perhaps this is why so many people were prepared to work so hard for him; perhaps also because he convinced people at all levels that what they were doing was worthwhile.

As a boss he was tough and demanding and life was never dull but he never asked you to do anything which he had not done himself or was not prepared to do.

As a friend he was generous and supportive and always there.

We shall miss him. 


Winning at Service - JPS Video Quote

This book reveals the Secrets to Service Success by analysing four service companies that grew from small beginnings to the leaders in their industries. Interviews with the four CEOs who guided the companies to their success reveal the three basic principles they all share.

Two of the CEOs interviewed are Thomas Berglund of Securitas and J. Philip Sorensen of Group 4 Falck.

by Waldemar Schmidt, Gordon Adler, and Els van Weering.


Donations in Lieu of Flowers

If you wish to make a donation to JPS's chosen charity in lieu of flowers, please can donations be made to The Foundation for Liver Research.

Please follow this link for more information